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Jason Petermann  —  November 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

ThanksgivingI am thankful!

Thankful today for so many things… We take so much taken for granted in our day to day lives. It is in moments of quiet and purposeful thought that we really understand just how blessed we are. I am grateful for this holiday that purposely makes us stop and think about giving thanks; about how much we really have. I have to believe it would help us if every day we would give thanks a bit before heading out the door.

  • I am thankful for a God that loves me so much that He pursues me. I am daily made aware of my inability to do anything that would make Him stand up and take notice of me, yet He still chooses to because of His love for me.
  • I am thankful for my wife. She extends me a lot of grace as I strive to love her well. She is my best friend.
  • I am thankful for my children and grandchildren. They are a source of joy and bring a lot of laughter to our home. They are pretty good kids too!
  • I am thankful for parents that loved me, taught me about Jesus and put me in a place where I could come to know Him.
  • I am thankful for the calling to be a pastor. I am not sure why God chose me, but He did, and I cannot think of anything I would rather do.
  • I am thankful for the mentors that I have had in my life. Men like Bruce Humbert and Richard Boland have had a huge impact in my life both practically and spiritually. There are many others that have poured in to me. May I do the same for others.
  • I am thankful for my church. This week marks 2 years that I have pastored Christ Community Church. I am blessed to pastor this group of people that love Jesus and love people and have a great desire to see life change happen in our community. They are a joy to lead!

I am glad that we have this day. A day to be together with family and friends, to enjoy good food and even to watch football. May this day also serve to remind us of a God that has blessed us with more than we ever deserve!


Fear and Faith

Jason Petermann  —  December 7, 2010 — 1 Comment

Fear will make you wonder about the future, faith gets you through the day you are in.

Fear will cause you to have pain of the unknown, faith allows you to celebrate the known.

Fear will flood your mind with uncertainty, faith floods your mind with peace.

Fear will cause feelings of loss, faith brings a promise of great gain.

In the end, fear will bring defeat, while faith brings victory.  I choose faith.

God loves me and because of that I can say

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…”

1 John 4:18

I am reading Mark Batterson’s book, “Wild Goose Chase” and have come to several places in the book that have challenged me.  I am going to share a few of those this week.  The first one is actually a quote that he uses from A.W. Tozer in his book, “The Knowledge of the Holy.”  Tozer says, that when we make God in our own image, we are left with a God Who

“…can never surprise us, never overwhelm us, nor astonish us, nor transcend us.”

Basically, we are left with a God that we can keep in a box.  And we like it that way.  It keeps us comfortable.  The problem is, when we keep God in that box, we never get to see Him do the miraculous.  We never get to see Him move on our behalf in a way that can only be explained by saying it was God.  Many Christians and many churches live in this state all the time.  They do not want a God that surprises, overwhelms, astonishes or transcends.  It scares them to lose control… to lose control to God!

I pray that God will move out of the box that I set up for Him.  I want to be surprised by Him.  I want to wake up each morning thinking to myself, “Ok God, what are you up to today.”  That might make you uncomfortable.  If it does, maybe it is time to let God out of the box you have Him in and allow Him to be the God that you say you believe in.


Take-away #2 from Rob Bell

“When you live a life of obedience to God, you will not want anybody else’s life

  • If I am obeying God, and walking the the path that he has set before me, I will not want anyone else’s life.  I will be satisfied knowing that I am doing all that God has called me to do, whether it is in a church of 50 or 5000.
  • When I am living a life of obedience, I will be satisfied with what God has called me to do, and therefore I will not question the motives or seek to criticize someone else for what they are doing in their church or ministry.  I will be content, knowing that God has placed me where I am.
  • Because I will be content, and because I will not criticize other people’s ministries to try and minimize their success (and God’s blessing) and lift up my ministry, I can celebrate with others when they achieve great things for God, and be happy that the Kingdom is being enlarged through their work (and God’s blessing!).
  • This frees me up to be who I am, who God created me to be, and keeps me from trying to be someone else just because of their size and influence.
  • This also will give me a team mentality.  The church down the street is NOT my competition in any way. If they are preaching the Gospel, they are my team mate, and as such, I will do whatever I can to help them reach people as well.


As we continue on from yesterday’s post, we will look at a couple more saying of immature Christians…

3. “There is no where for me to get involved” – This is usually a statement that is made by those people who are looking for a high profile “position”     rather than a ministry in a church.  This is many times also said by those who do not get their way.  It is an excuse to leave.  We want people to serve where they are gifted, but many times people want to serve where there is high praise or instant recognition.  It takes all kids of people to do ministry.  Some people are out-in-front type people, some are behind the scenes.  What is the bottom line?  The bottom line is that both are just as important.  I have never in 20 years of ministry been in a position where I had a waiting line to get involved in ministry.  There has always been something to do.  I have had people either quit a team (or the church) because I would not put them out in front as much as what they wanted
4. “We can’t find any friends” or “This church is full of clicks” – Now, I cannot that there are no clicks in a church.  Certainly there can be.  no matter how hard a church tries at not having them, they are bound to show up in some way.  But most of the time I have had people say this, it is because they have not gotten involved in anything. (See #3 above).  I mean, how in the heck do you expect to get to know people when you come to church late, leave during the invitation and never get involved in a ministry.  Most clicks are made up of people that are faithful members that are serving together.  If you are not part of the “click,” what does that tell you?  My advice?  Get off your butt and do something for God and for someone else. (This goes for #3 as well!)  Once you do that, it will be hard for you to say that you are not fitting in or meeting people.

5. “_________________ is why we are leaving the church.” (You fill in the blank).  My mentor in the ministry told me very early on that “the reason people say they are leaving the church is NEVER the real reason why they are leaving the church. Most of the time it is something they are struggling with, but it is easier to blame it on the church or the pastors of the church.”  Quite honestly, I have never really been affected too much by people leaving the church.  It is not that I like it when people leave.  I leave that in God’s hands. I think he purges and moves people for reasons that we many times may not know.  Sometimes it is for their benefit, sometimes it is for the benefit of the church.  Either way, if I am more focused on keeping people than reaching people, I am in trouble already.

I know this is not an exhaustive list… what are some other statements you have heard immature Christians make?