Friday Links

Here are some links to posts that I thought were worth your while to take a look at!  I hope you enjoy not only the links, but the holiday weekend! Some great insight from Scott Williams in his post "Diversity Drives Innovation." Tony Morgan, in his post "Are You A Christian Atheist," had the … Continue reading

Quotable Tuesday

Today's quote comes from Mark Beeson in a message he preached a couple of weeks back.  As he was talking about tradition, he said: "We should honor tradition, but we should not let it enslave us." Over the 20 years that I have been in ministry, it has been kind of fun (and sad) to see the … Continue reading

Friday Links: Weekend Edition

It seems my day got away from me again on Friday this last week.  I left the house at 6:30am and did not get home until after 10pm, so I did not get to post.  I know, a good blogger would have had it set up so that my blog would have automatically posted something when i could not be there to do … Continue reading

Quotable Tuesday

I am reading a book titled "Crave" by Chris Tomlinson.  I was suppose to do a review on it a couple months back, but misplaced it in the move and just recently got back to it.  I will get the review up soon, as I am almost finished with the book.  As I was reading, I came across something that I … Continue reading