Monday Morning Musing

Well, another Monday! Have you ever seen that commercial for where it is a Monday morning and everyone realizes the sun is about to come up, and they rush around finding things to hold up to try and block the sun from the inevitable? That is kind of how I feel today... rainy and … Continue reading

Waiting on God

Today is just one of those days that I wish I could sleep through. Why? Well, some of you may already know that I am leaving my position as Worship leader at the church I serve in. My wife and I have prayed about it for awhile now, and we really feel that God wants us to go into a more … Continue reading

Well here we go!

Jason Petermann here! I never thought I would get into the world of blogging! I have friends that do, and though I have enjoyed reading their blogs, it just never struck me as something I would do. But here I am! Once I get this all set up, I plan on posting regularly (whatever that means!). … Continue reading