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(Session 3 was a breakout session)

  • Matt says he is not yet ready to totally throw out the attractional model of church because it is still able to reach some people that will not be able to be reached otherwise.  It is also able to do some things that smaller gatherings are unable to do.
  • But, there is something missing in the attractional only model.  There is a growing restlessness among the church laity.
  • For far to long, we have told the masses to come to us and we will fill your needs, we will feed you, we will make you feel comfortable.
  • The laity is restless wondering when they get to get in the fight.
  • We can grow another 3000 people as a church, but if we do that, nothing really changes in the city.  We do not make a difference there.
  • What if instead of growing 3000 more people, we release 3000 people to leave the church and go to the city.
  • Jesus was not make a very good mega-church pastor.  Every time he drew a croud, He ran them off.  It was not His ministry style to gather people, but to work with 12 and send them out.
  • What if it is possible to both attract people and send them out?
  • Matt does it with his church in what they call missional communities.
  • Not just small groups, but groups getting on mission to reach their communities for Christ.
  • They have done three things to make this happen:

o   Change the definition of success for small groups.

o   Train them to be missionaries to their communities.

o   Change the bar as far as what God is able to do through them.

  • After that, you have to let them go to actually be the church.

This is one you have to listen to if it gets posted online at!

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It has almost been one week since the conference ended, so I thought I would share a few quick thoughts about the National Worship Leader Conference.  Overall, I was very impressed with the conference, but let me give a few more detailed remarks.

  • The church that we met at, Church of the Resurrection, was an excellent host.  The facilities were awesome, and the staff that kept them maintained and clean after such an event did a fantastic job!  I cannot wait to go back next year!
  • The organization of the conference was also tops! They moved us along smoothly from one event to the other.
  • The sessions that they offered were very diverse.  Everything from churches using the web to songwriting to rehearsing your band.  All the sessions I attended were very well done!
  • The opportunity to be up close to the artist was also a great treat!  Many times artists that tour are very hands off, but Paul Baloche, Vicky Beeching, Laura Story, Tommy Walker and many others were walking the halls and chatting with people like they were old friends (and I am sure that some were).  I appreciate it when people are real and approachable like that.
  • Something else about the artists that thrilled me was the fact that most of them were involved in local church ministries.  They may tour some, but when they are home, they are leading worship and involved.  I love that!  That makes what they do on stage much more effective in my book!
  • I enjoyed being able to worship with worshipers! I imagine that it was just a taste of what heaven will be like! People singing their guts out in praise to the King of Kings! No folded arms saying, “I dare you to move me!”  It was awesome!  There was no arguing about song selection or volume or who got to do what… no one cared, we were there to worship!
  • It was also a great treat to meet many people that I know only by being connected through the web.  I have met many people through facebook and Twitter, but to get to meet them in person was awesome!  It was great to meet and spend time with Gary Durbin, Fred McKinnon, John Saddington, Rich Kirkpatrick, Kim Bontrager, Ben Abu Saada, Wisdom Moon, Jonathan Riggs, Jim Drake, Chris Gambill, Nick Arbuckle and many others.

I would encourage those who are on the fence about attending this conference that it is well worth the money to attend. It will recharge your spirit for leading God’s people in worship! It is good to connect with other worship leaders and to hear their stories.  Hope to see you next year!

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Just a little over a week until I get to participate in the National Worship Leader Conference in Leawood, KS.  I am looking forward to being able to sit at the feet and learn from some of the most talented worship leaders that there are.  I will have the opportunity so see artists such as Michael W. Smith, David Crowder Band, Tommy Walker and Leeland (see the whole list here), as well as learn from such people as Leonard Sweet and others.  I am also excited to get to meet some of my online friends like Fred, Rich and Kim.  It will be a great time of worship, learning and building friendships.  If you are attending the conference, there is a meet-up planned for Tuesday night.  Here are the details:

The event is being hosted by TheWorshipCommunity.Com, AllAboutWorship.Com, and PlanningCenterOnline.Com.  Because they are printing free T-Shirts to the first 50 attendees and hope to have some food, they need you to RSVP if you’re attending – ASAP.

When: Tuesday, July 21, 9:30PM
(immediately after the Tuesday PM session at the National Worship Leader Conference)
Grace Church
8500 W. 159th St
Overland Park, KS 66223

RSVP at Evite.Com
Hope to see you there!