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This video was shared tonight at our 1st Wednesday Service.  I love the enthusiasm and reckless abandon that this little one shows as she sings to the creator!  Oh, that we would be the same as we worship our God, and try to bring a bit of up there, down here!

Well, here it goes!  This is my very last Worship Confessional as the Worship Pastor at Glenville Church (and likely anywhere, as we are moving into a different phase of ministry).  We finished our service just a while ago, and will be heading back to the church in a bit to have a get together with our church family to say goodbye.   I always hate this part.  Goodbyes are hard, especially when they are not really what you had planned.  We will miss Glenville, but are excited to see what adventure is ahead.  This week, we will be finishing all the packing, and then Thursday, we will head up to Michigan to stay with some family for a bit.  We will post an update on all that once we get up there and get settled.  For now, take a look at my last Sunday Setlist:

  • Mighty To SaveFielding/Morgan
  • God You ReignBrewster/Fieldes

Intro of nominated deacons to church

  • Glory To God ForeverFee/Beeching (This has been a theme song for me the last several months. It really conveys the message I want to leave)

Drama – Live In Me (Everyone did excellent!  As always!  Thanks guys! Especially you DQ!)

Message – Pastor spoke today on the purity of the church

Time of response

Offering/Testimony (I got to share for a few minutes with the church)

It was a good day. An emotional day.  And now, we press on to the great white and cold north!  This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at

Energy!  That is the word that I would use to describe the singing today!  Our people were really singing with all their hearts today!  It was a just a great day to be in God’s house!  I have one more week to lead worship here at Glenville, and I am looking forward to a great final week!  Here is the setlist for this week:

Intro Video to service

Baptism (LOVE seeing people baptized!)

  • Today Is The DayBaloche/Brewster
  • Sing, Sing, SingCarson/Gilder/Nunn/Reeves/Tomlin
  • Glorious OneFee

Choir – Reveal (Awesome job everyone!)

Message – The Body Pt. 3 (Love for the church – Hispanic Pastor Richard Perez spoke today)

Time of response


  • A New Hallelujah – Baloche/Smith/Smith

Hope everyone had a great day of worship!  This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at

This was the second week of our first series of the year called, “The Body,” which focuses on the church working together to be the church. I think there are many Christ-followers today that are disassociated from the church which not only hurts them, but it hurts the body as well. I know there are sometimes reasons why people have left or felt rejected by the church, but it is still God’s plan for the believer to be engaged in a local church for relationships, for service and for accountability. Let’s look at the setlist:

  • ForeverTomlin
  • Your Grace Is EnoughMaher
  • You Are My StrengthMorgan

Special Music – Great job Lesley!

Video Intro for message

Message – “The Body”

Time of response

Offering and Announcements

  • Friend of GodHoughton/Gungor

It has been kind of surreal to think about me only having two more weeks of leading worship at Glenville (or anywhere for that matter – read my announcement from last week if you have not). We have some tentative plans on what we will be doing that I will share in the near future here on my blog.

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It was really good to be back leading today after taking a week off.  The first Sunday of the year always feels so fresh and new. I LOVE the new year and all the changes that come with it.  Speaking of change, today was a day of changes announced at our church.  Our Lead Pastor told the church that our financial situation at the church has necessitated some major changes needing to take place so that the church can maintain ministry.  We have had a lot of job losses affect our people and offerings have really suffered because of that.  With all that said, our Pastor let the congregation know that two of the full time staff pastors will be leaving.  I am one of those. I will write another post about it later.  For now, let’s get to the setlist!

Special Music – “Something More” (Kristy Starling)  Misty did a great job!

  • All Because of JesusFee
  • Everlasting GodBrown/Riley
  • How Great is Our GodTomlin/Cash/Reeves

Special Music – “If We Are The Body” (Mark Hall) Steve, you did awesome man!

Message – “The Body” – Our Lead Pastor spoke for us today

Time of response


  • Glory To God ForeverFee/Beeching

I hope you all had a great first Sunday of 2010!  This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at