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Gonna change things up a bit here and post the best links of the week on Thursday rather than Friday. Here are some great posts from this last week!  Enjoy!

  • Perry Noble encourages all those in full time ministry (and really anyone who has EVER made mistakes in their past) with this post called “Don’t Allow Past Mistakes To Rob You Of An Amazing Future.”  This reminded me of a post I need to write… soon!
  • Donald Miller post on “How To Guide A Team Through Conflict.”  Really an amazing post on going through conflict.  Must. Read.This.
  • Many church leaders I know spend a lot of time criticizing other church leaders because of a different direction and style of ministry (A colossal waste of time by the way!).   They are uncomfortable with change (Or do not have the guts to make the changes) and it is easier to criticize than create, so that is what they do.  Seth Godin‘s post, “Do You Need A Permit, ” addresses criticizing visionaries and those that are different than we are.  We should celebrate, not criticize those that can do what we can and will not do to reach people.  Awesome post!
  • We all need more margin in life.  You know, the space where there is nothing.  We fill that space with stuff, but in reality, that margin is what helps us to do ministry.  Tim Stevens has some great words on this in his post, “A Space For Margin.”

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday Links

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I know, it is the end of the day and I am just now posting the links for this week.  Well, most of you are probably enjoying a long weekend with family and friends.  Enjoy the time you get to spend with them.  And if you get a chance, read the links below.  I think they will be something that will help you.

Enough to read.  No go enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Friday Links

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It is Friday again… and already!  Here are some of the best posts I read this week on the blogs I follow.  I hope they inspire you to be who God intended you to be.  Enjoy!

  • Jonathan Acuff posted one of the most important posts I have read in quite some time titled “Forgetting 1 Geography Lesson.”  Read this post, if it is the only one you read this week.
  • Get More People To Do It” is an excellent post by Tony Morgan on getting people involved in taking their next steps.  Awesome, awesome stuff!
  • Perry Noble writes about “Why Some Churches Struggle With Money.” Great insight in this post.
  • Having the right people in the right spot is important. Training them right is also important. Mark Waltz speaks to this end in his post “Get The Right People.  Train Them Right.”
  • 4% is a moving post by Mark Beeson.  It is so important to be asking the right questions!

That is it!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Today I have another quote to share from the Global Leadership Summit.  This one is from Jeff Manion, author of The Land Between.  This was a very, very timely message for me as we are in our “land between.”  I ended up buying his book at the Summit and will hopefully do a review here in the near future.  One of the many great quotes I got from Jeff was this:

“The land between is the best place for transformational growth.  But it can also be the place where faith goes to die.  The land between is the very soil where God does some of His richest and deepest work.”

Of course the greatest illustration of what Jeff talked about is the nation of Israel as they wandered in the desert.  It is this story that he writes about in his book.  Israel had a choice: either obey, let God lead and get to the promised land, or disobey, complain against God, and wander around until everyone that current generation of leaders died.  Of course, we know the rest of the story.  We know that Israel ended up wandering around for 40 years.

In my “Land Between,” I want to do my best to let God grow me.  I want God to work in me.  Not so people can say anything about me, but so I can come out on the other side more like Jesus and with a deeper love and commitment to serve others.  We have learned a lot in out Land Between, and as far as I know we still have several months to go.  When in that land, we can either get bitter or better.  Our faith will either die or take a great step forward.

It would have been easier to have “wished away” my land between, but I really believe we will be better because of it.  I already feel like I have learned so much, and I pray daily for God to teach us, and use us to reach others.

I spent some time in a junkyard Sunday afternoon.  That is not my normal Sunday afternoon routine, but circumstances on Saturday led to a trip to the automotive graveyard on Sunday.

You see, on Saturday, my oldest son decided to do a little work on his 1998 Mustang.  Those models are plagued with seat belt retractors that wear out in short order, and that bothered my son.  He inherited his annoyance of insignificant things that do not work from me.  Little squeaks and noises I hear  while driving my car drive me nuts.  So much so that I have been known to pull off the road and find the source of the annoyance and irritation, or walk to my destination if I cannot find it.

He has more ability than I do when it comes to mechanical things, and decided to pull the seat belts apart to fix them.  In the end though, he was not able to fix them (to his credit, he worked on them several hours and it was a tuff job).  We were left with two seat belts that were broken and in need of replacement, which was expensive according to the dealer.  So, after church my son was off to the junkyard.  Over an hour later he called me to let me know he was stuck and unable to get a couple of seat belts off of a deceased Mustang sitting in the yard, so off I went to assist (remember, I suck at this).  I got there, and tried using the tools that he had brought with him to remove the bolts that were holding it all together  (these were my tools… and I have very few of them, so his choices were limited).  There was no way the tool I had was going to work.  It was just NOT the right one for the job.  We ended up leaving to go and get the proper tool for the job, and 20 minutes after we got back to the junk yard we had the two seat belts removed and left to go home to install them.  The right tool made all the difference.

I used that last line to teach my boys a life lesson.  Get the right tool for the job, it will make it easier and is more efficient at getting the desired result.  Lesson learned.  But I just want to mention an application for the church as well: use the right person for the job to be done.

From the very beginning, God designed the church to have many parts, or many “tools” to use to build His Church and His Kingdom.  The Scriptures teach us that each tool has its place or task, and that all the tools are necessary for the church to be effective and to be efficient to achieve the desired result.

Having the right person in a staff position is key.  Most people in the church realize this.  Andmost churches think that hiring the right staff is all they need to do to get the job done.  We tend to overlook that when it comes to filling volunteer positions, but it is just as important to have to have the right people in those positions.  They will make or break your program or ministry.  After all, the only thing worse than having no one in the position is having the wrong person in the position.  You are asking for trouble when you get up and announce from the platform that you need someone to step up and lead a program or ministry.  You will likely end up with someone who is not gifted in that area of ministry or someone who does not have the ability as far as skill or leadership is concerned.  We have all seen that happen, and it never ends well for either party.

Having the right tools made a world of a difference in getting my sons car fixed.  It also makes a difference in this world having the right people leading and doing ministry in the church.  You have to have the right tool for the job!