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I love being in a place where we allow things to be different from the norm.  It is nice to be able to have a little creativity and room in the service to change things up a bit.  In fact, it is expected here, which is great and helps to keep us on our toes.  Today’s service was the most unusual Father’s Day service I have ever been a part of.  Musically, we did not change much of anything. We usually do about 5 songs.  We planned four for the day, and ended up only doing three.  We had a little more video than normal, but the biggest difference for the day was the way we did the talk for the day.  This was the third Sunday of our “Doors” series.  The focus for today was “The Door to the family.”  We had eight different fathers, who were at different stags in their parenting, take about 5 minutes each to discuss what their responsibilities were at that stage of life.  It was a very unique, and very enjoyable service, and really helped to put into perspective the fact that our parenting really never ends.  Cool service! All the men did a great job!  Ok, here is the setlist!

  • Today Is The DayBaloche/Brewster
  • Shout To The LordZschech

Father’s Day Video

Special Music – The G’ville band did Delirious’ “My Glorious” (Smith/Garrard)  Awesome job guys!  The Church loved it!  Even saw some older people bobbing their heads!

Father’s Day Video intro for the message

Message – “Door To The Home

Prayer for the fathers


  • God You ReignBrewster/Fieldes (Did not end up doing this, as we ran out of time)
  • Sing, Sing, SingCarson, Gilder, Nunn, Reeves, Tomlin

Overall, just a great day to be in church!  It was very nice to have a nice, encouraging message geared ot the dads rather than the usual message telling us we suck at being dads!

I can’t wait to read everyone else’s setlists for the week!  This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon [dot] com


Today was the second day in our series titles, “Doors.” Today was, “The Door To The World.”  Our guest speaker today was Chuck Ward from Manna Worldwide, and he did a fantastic job presenting the need for us to go through the doors that God has opened for us to be an influence in the lives of others around us.  Just when I thought the music could not get any better or the people could not be more engaged in worship, I get to see us go to a whole ‘nother level as a church!  Today was just so awesome to be a part of.  I love going through seasons like this where you can see people take their next step in worship and in their service to God.  That never gets old!  Ok, here is the set list for that day…

  • All Because Of JesusFee

Baptism – we got to see some kids follow God in baptism today… awesome stuff!

  • Let Everything That Has BreathRedman
  • Mighty To SaveFielding/Morgan

Video intro for speaker

Message – Chuck Ward, Manna Worldwide

Time of response


  • God Of This CityBleakley, Aaron, Comfort, Jordan, Kernaghan, McCann (We used a video with clips of different spots in our city that I shot just driving around.  Actually was quite an effective backdrop for the song)
  • A New HallelujahSmith, Smith, Baloche

I can’t wait to read everyone else’s setlists for the week!  This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon [dot] com

worship_confession1The last day of May was a beautiful day here in Wichita and a great day at G’ville!  We took time to honor our graduates from High School and college.  Basically, we gave them a little gift and our Pastor preached on preparing for the future by the way that we live now.  Attendance looked good, and the people were really singing again today in their worship!  Ok, here is the setlist:

  • Blessed Be Your NameRedman/Redman
  • You Never Let GoRedman/Redman

Choir – A Greater Song (Still Amazed Live Choral Book)

  • HosannaFraser

Message – The Future

Time Of Response (played a CD for this)


Video Promo for new series “Doors

Grad video/Recognition of Graduates

Glorious OneFee


After church, I had a lunch with my worship teams.  I love the people I get to work with.  God has blessed us, and I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us as we serve here with them!  Thanks G’ville!

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This is the title that I usually use for my weekly recap of the day that we have at our church. This week though, we had our youth lead the service, and I have received many reports that it was an awesome service!  I did not attend, because I took the opportunity (since I was not leading) to go and visit  Actually, I took some of my team to go and check things out.  I love being able to do that, as it allows vision to be cast without having to say a word! is an awesome movement of God!  They have been blessed, that is for sure!  I cannot even remember all the songs they did, but it was an incredible experience that left my guys talking like crazy all the way back. I would encourage every worship leader to take the opportunity to go somewhere else with some of your team. It gives vision and puts ideas in your heads of what can be done. It was an awesome day that I know God will use to make us better!

I cannot wait to read some more of the recaps from everyones day!  This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon [dot] com


Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!  I love having visitors on Sunday without a bunch of promotion, and Mother’s Day always brings out lots of visitors! We finished our “X-Factor” series last week, so this was pretty much a “loner” week as far as a theme goes.  Well, I guess that is not really true since it was Mother’s Day.  That can kind of dictate some of the things you do.  Had about 100 extra people today, that was cool!  On to the setlist!

  • Friend of GodHoughton/Gungor
  • Sing, Sing, SingTomlin/Reeves/Gilder/Carson/Nunn

Choir – Still Amazed (Still Amazed Live Choral Book)

  • Beautiful OneHughes

Message – Our pastor spoke, the talk was titled “What Do You Have In Your Hand?”  The talk was about God taking what we are and what we have and making more out of it than we ever could.  He used the story of Moses and his rod for the text.

Time of response: Draw Me CloseCarpenter


  • How Great Is Our GodTomlin/Reeves/Cash

Our kids handed carnations to all the moms

  • Your Grace Is EnoughMaher


It was a really nice day, and lunch for my wife at Olive Garden just topped it off! She deserved it, she is a good momma! Hope you all had a great day!

This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon [dot] com