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Friday Links

Jason Petermann  —  May 14, 2010 — 3 Comments

Here are a list of some great posts from the last week.  I love being able to learn from people this way!

  • Tony Morgan posted something that rings in my heart right now in his post, “What’s Your Next Step.”  A friend of mine asked yesterday what my future looked like, and I basically responded by saying that I had no detailed plan from God as to what is next, only that I was waking up each morning with a little more light shed as to where I am to walk for the day.  I love being in that position.  And I hate being in that position.  I hate it because I am not in control.  I love it because I am so totally dependent on God, and that is a great place to be!
  • Seth Godin had a great illustration that I think fits many churches.  He talks about “Becoming A Bus Company” and how bus companies are “slowly moving people from place to place, going through the motions and showing a lot of fatigue…”  I think there are a lot of churches and Christians like that as well…
  • All I have to say about Perry Noble‘s post titled “Do You Want A Loyal Staff” is… WOW!  The very first line says: “If you want loyalty…then GIVE IT!  The leader that demands it but does not offer it often leaves a wake of abused and neglected staff members.” I have worked with and for people like this.  It is no fun getting thrown under the bus.  Staff people want to know the leader has their back… or they will not have his!
  • Life is all about relationships… First, your relationship with God, and then with others.  We need each other… we need people in our life. Mark Waltz discusses creating opportunities for building relationships in spaces designed just for it.  Read it in his post, “What Spaces Are You Creating?”

That will do it for this week!  Enjoy the weekend!

Friday Links

Jason Petermann  —  May 7, 2010 — 1 Comment

Missed posting this morning, so here are the weeks favorite links for me.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

All I have for this week!  Enjoy!

Friday Links

Jason Petermann  —  April 30, 2010 — Leave a comment

Ok, so I missed doing this last week, so this weeks links may include some from last week as well.

  • Jon Acuff talks about chasing dreams in a great post last week.  Decide to do it, and then do it.  So simple!
  • Tim Stevens reminds us how important our words are… even if we do not remember them in his post titled, “Every Conversation Matters.”  What a great reminder!
  • Don Miller.  This post: Why Doctrine Is Only Half The Message.  Read it.
  • Loved this post by Carlos Whittaker: HELP! I Am Locked In My Church And Can Get Out!! Been a huge advocate of having an office at St.Arbucks for this very reason!
  • Perry Noble gives us Ten Random Leadership Thoughts.  Some excellent ones here!  My favorite? I have two actually, “The people God has placed to lead with you should be listened to and valued; after all, God speaks to them too!”  And, “Loyalty cannot be demanded…it must be earned.”
  • Jeff Bell had some great thoughts in his post, First Things First.

Hope these are helpful to you!  Have a great weekend!

Friday Links

Jason Petermann  —  April 16, 2010 — Leave a comment

This week’s links.  Good stuff.  Enjoy!

  • Loved this post titled, “Breaking News” by Seth Godin.  It got me thinking about all the “breaking news” we have at church.  You know, all the things that we tell everyone are so important, but really do not add value to their life or help them take next steps to Jesus (and if we were honest, we would say we do not want to do it/attend the event either!).  Just something to think about.
  • Pete Wilson hit me over the head with his post “Costly Assumptions” (and his podcast that I listened to that included some of the same).  Ouch!  But thanks Pete!
  • Perry Noble says “You Don’t Have To Hate Your Life.”  God has created us for a purpose.  When we pursue it, and live it, we will be fulfilled. The difficult part usually becomes living God’s purpose and not our own.
  • Lastly, “A Principle Art Of Leadership” by Tim Stevens. Short, concise and yet this principle holds back many, many churches.  Leaders, release your people to do what you cannot and should not be doing!

Ok, it is time for another edition of Friday Links, bringing you the best posts that I have read for the week.  Boy, that sounded like a commercial, didn’t it?  Well, not selling anything here, just sharing some great thoughts from some great leaders that I happen to have read this last week.  Hope it is helpful!

  • This post by Mark Beeson is from last month, but was just awesome. It has stuck with me for a couple of weeks now: “Can you be a Christian?”
  • Tim Stevens shares some good thoughts about “Managing Subordinates.”
  • Pete Wilson speaks on being accountable, 100% accountable to be exact, in his post “The Last 2%.”  He also shares his battle with having “A Need To Be Right.”  Thanks for being so open Pete. It helps me.

Not too much time to read this week, so that is all I have got!Have a great weekend!