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pop_goes1Last week I spent some time at Granger Community Church as they hosted their workshops.  It was a time of great encouragement, and I learned a lot that I am hoping will help me to serve Jesus better at my church.  It was also an honor to be able to spend time with some of the leaders of the church.  I interviewed a few of these leaders, and will be posting them over the next few days.

Today, we will start with Tim Stevens, who is the Executive Pastor of the church, and author of the book, “Pop Goes The Church.”  It was a very influential book in my own journey, but more influential when I met Tim was the passion and drive that he has to reach people where they are at, and to help them take their next step towards Jesus.  Enjoy the interview, and come back over the next few days to see who else had to endure my questioning!

Interview with Tim Stevens from Granger Community Church from Jason Petermann on Vimeo.

I appreciate Tim and all the rest of the Granger staff for giving up some of their time to allow me to meet with them!

Finished reading this book last week. It is absolutely a must read for any church or individual that is trying to use today’s culture to reach today’s culture. I grew up in a very conservative church background, so as I read this book, I recognized a lot of things that I grew up doing and thinking just because that it the way it had always been done, and that was what the “church” expected of those that attended.

Funny thing is, those are the things that are driving people away from the church today. Dan Kimball has written a book entitled, They Like Jesus But Not The Church in which he discusses the fact that people out there today are still seeking God and Jesus. They still are seeking for truth. They are just not seeking it in the church because most have become irrelevant, inward focused, and are seen as being disingenuous.

Pop Goes The Church boldly proclaims that churches need to not only be aware of the culture around them, but they need to utilize pop culture in their efforts to reach those outside of the church. Tim Stevens gives practical advice on how to do this in a Biblical and Christ honoring way, and also gives answers to the skeptics that will no doubt be critical of the concept. (Imagine that, Christians being critical!)

Anyways, that is enough for now. I will try to highlight some different things in the book that speak to me as I read it again. This is in my top three for the year so far. In no particular order, you need to read these three books:

1. Unchristian – Probably should be required reading for all Christians… after they start reading their Bibles of course

2. They Like Jesus But Not The Church – A lot of great stuff in this book. It is very similar to Unchristian, so read a book or two in between these two.

3. Pop Goes The Church – A great book to read between the other two. Also a great book to help start you thinking about how to break out of the mold that churches have been in that keeps them ineffective.

Ok, so there is my list. What have you been reading lately?