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Get Back Up!

Jason Petermann  —  January 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

Life ChangeGuess what I have noticed at the gym this week? The “new year crowd” is already gone. That sure did not last long! Maybe it is just a fluke and everyone had to go out of town this week or just could not get up early to work out. But either way, they are not there.

How are you doing on your life-change decisions? Have you faltered? That is OK! Don’t quit! Just get back at it. Daily make the decision to do right, to take a step to live for God!

Proverbs 24:16 says

for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again…

That is pretty good news for those of us that are human! We WILL fall. We WILL make mistakes. We WILL sin. But did you see what that verse says – “a righteous man falls.” Yes, the “righteous man.” He falls, but he gets back up! God’s grace does not overlook sin, it just says your sin does not hold you down – and it gives you the power to get back up!

Don’t make resolutions… make life changes!


I know, it may be a matter of just wording to some, but the idea is this:

Every year people make resolutions to “do better” in areas of life. They are well-intentioned and certainly heart-felt.

It may be:

  • losing weight
  • being better organized
  • reconnecting with friends or family
  • doing better financially

Those things are all great. In fact, I have made some of those same resolutions. But until I actually did something about any area of resolution, they were at best empty words.

We even do the same in our spiritual life. We will:

  • “Live more” for God
  • Spend more time reading the Bible and in prayer
  • Reach out more to people
  • You fill in the blank

Nothing happens by good intentions. It takes action. Action YOU decide to take.

J Oswald Sanders said,

“We are at this moment as close to God as we really choose to be.”

The truth is this: until you actually DO something to change, nothing will happen. You can wish for it all you want, but YOU have to make the decision to take a step: to wake up earlier to read and pray, to step out and serve other people, to be more generous with your time and money.

The question is not “can you?” – but “will you?”

Here are a few ideas and resources to start:

  • Find a church, start attending and get plugged in
  • Bible reading plans:
  • Join a Bible Study group: (for all my peeps at Christ Community Church, go here: )
  • Schedule time to go and serve together as a family (your church probably has a few things you could do!)

Whatever it is, make a life change! Decide to DO something and then take action on it! Change your life… starting today!