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I really enjoyed some blog posts that I read this week.  So much so that I thought I would share them with you.  So, as you have time, go to these blogs and take a look!

  • I am sick of all the media surrounding Tiger Woods.  I do not condone his lifestyle, nor am I saying it is no big deal.  I am just tired of hearing from the media about it.  Mike Foster summed it up great in his blog post on the subject this week.
  • This is my favorite time of year.  I get to spend more time than usual with my family, which I love to do.  I like being in all the hustle and bustle as long as I do not have to be.  Pete wrote a great post this week on it.  The line that grabbed me the most was, “You tend to forget that you simply cannot love like Jesus and live in constant hurry.” Ouch!  Go read the rest.
  • It is the end of the year and everyone will be doing some type of evaluation of their life.  Leadership teams in churches need to ddo the same thing.  Perry talks about this in his post titled, “Seven Leadership Questions Teams Should Be Asking.”  Good stuff!
  • I really appreciate what Tony had to say in his post titled, “Why I Have A Boring Blog.”  I get tired of seeing all the fighting when we should be pointing people to Jesus.  Thanks Tony!
  • Awesome post by Kem Meyer on learning from the mistakes that we have made.  At the end of the post she quotes something from Mark Waltz that rocked my world back a few months when I first heard it.

Have a great weekend!  May the Christ of Christmas be made BIG in your life and church!