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Well, this is the very last day of the year 2009. I hope you have taken the time to look back over the last year and evaluate how you are different this year compared to last year at this time. That could be good or bad depending on the changes you made in your life. If you are different, it is because you chose to be different in one area or another. If you chose to do good in your life, you reaped good results. If you chose to do bad things, you had to face the consequences of that.

We are the product of our choices, good and bad. We should not try to blame shift or point fingers for our actions. We did them, and we have to face the consequences of those choices. When we choose a path, that path will lead us where it goes. If we want to end up in a good spot, we have to choose a good path to follow. (Of course, I believe the right path to take is clearly outlined in the Bible, and is found in being a Christ follower)

The path we choose to take is based on the priorities we set up in our life. If you want to have a great family, you cannot constantly ignore them and not invest time into them. If you want to be successful at work, you have to be a diligent and ethical worker. If you want to be a Godly, spiritual individual, you have to spend time with God by doing the spiritual disciplines (reading your Bible, praying, attending church, serving others, etc.).

Choose the path that will take you where you want to go, not a path that seems most convenient, more fun or just is plain easy to choose. If you want to grow spiritually this year, you have to choose to do so, and then walk the path that will get you there. We all have next steps towards God. They are different from one another, and no one else can make you take that next step. It has to be a priority in your life. So this year, will you live a life that is lived on purpose, or will you live a life that just happens along the way. The path you take is up to you and the priorities you set in life. Choose wisely!

I love much of what Tony Morgan posts about!  I happen to be reading his book “Killing Cockroaches,” and will post a review of the book here shortly.  Today though, I wanted to share a post that Tony made on his blog last week.  Great insight, and the discussion that follows his post has some great stuff in it as well!  Here is just a bit of what he said:

I’m wondering what would happen if rather than focusing so much on transferring knowledge, we focused on helping people love God, love others and make new disciples. What would happen if we asked people to spend less time at the church and more time in the lives of people who need Jesus? What would happen if we offered fewer gatherings to transfer knowledge and more tools to help people study the Bible on their own? What would happen if there was less emphasis on church activities and more emphasis on reaching the world for Jesus?

You can read the full post here.  It is well worth the time!  Thanks Tony!

I stumbled across a quote a couple weeks ago at Jonathan Herron’s blog that just keeps playing itself in my mind. Here is the quote, and the author of it:

“The greatest opposition to what God is doing today comes from those who were on the cutting edge of what God was doing yesterday.”
– R.T. Kendall, pastor of Westminster Chapel

Is saddens me (and ticks me off at the same time) to know that there are people who think that God stopped allowing His kids to be creative in 1950, 1960 or 1970. That somehow God looked down in 1970 and said, “Ahh, they have arrived. This is the ultimate Christian experience, and it should remain like this from now until Jesus comes.”

Can you imagine that? Can you understand that? If so, try and explain it to me if you would, because I sure can’t understand it. So many people are so used to their “Churchianity” that they forget that life is all about Christ, not their version of the Bible, their preference of music or their style of dress. Jesus said that we have the opportunity to live an abundant life that comes from living for Him. I think it is time we get our eyes off of what used to be and start focusing on what should be.

I am glad that things change. Not just change for change sake. But I like air conditioning, and riding to church in a car as opposed to a horse. I like many of the changes that we see in the church today. Are all changes good? No.

As you read the Bible, you do not find God doing the same thing over and over again as He dealt with His people. You do not see Jesus doing the same miracles over and over again. He did things different. Sometimes in a radical way. A way that ticked the religious leaders off. I think that is cool and sad at the same time. Cool because Jesus was certain that God was not working the same way He did with Moses and Abraham and others in the Old Testament. It is sad because Jesus told these so-called religious leaders that by holding on to their traditions and preaching those traditions the same as being God’s law, they had made the Word of God of no affect. That is what scares me about churches today. They are so in tune to tradition, that the Word of God has no affect when it is actually preached. God, please do not let me ever get to that point!

God changed His methods. Jesus changed His methods. But the message was always the same. God loves us, and wants a relationship with us. That message will never change, nor should it.