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Today was an unusual day for us.  Every year a small town just south of Wichita called Haysville (I happen to live in this town as well) has a Fall Festival, and on Sunday Morning they have what they call “Church In The Park.”  Though there are a number of churches in Haysville, Glenville has had the opportunity to be the church that does the services for the last few years.  So, we had our first service at the church (I did not lead, I was already at the park), and our second service was moved to the park for the day.  It really was a neat opportunity for us to get involved in the community.  So, here is our song selections for the day:

  • You Are GoodHoughton
  • Friend Of GodGungor/Houghton
  • Everlasting God – Brown/Riley
  • Marvelous Light – Hall

After that first set, our choir sang Holy, Holy, Holy from the Community Bible Church collection.  Then, one of our ladies sang Tomlin’s How Can I Keep From Singing.  She did an awesome job!  Our Pastor then gave a 15 minute message that was centered around the focus statement for our church – Loving God, Loving Others, Serving both.

After the message, we had another set of songs:

  • Hosanna – Baloche/Brown
  • How Great Is Our God – Tomlin/Reeves/Cash
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Newton/Tomlin/Giglio

The choir did two more songs:

  • Jesus Messiah – Tomlin/Carson/Reeves/Cash
  • Orphans Of God – LaBar/Lindsey

The soloists on both songs did a fantastic job!  The wind was really strong during the service, so we had a few gusts that took some music away, knocked a couple stands over and messed with the mics, but over all, it was a great experience and an awesome opportunity to be out in the community.

This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon [dot] com.

I am still in the process of getting settled in here at Glenville, but figured it was time to start posting my lists!  Attendance was steady here in Wichita.  All of our schools are in today, so we were not affected by the “holiday.”

We finished our series on “FEAR” that we have been in for the last 5 weeks.  Yesterday was on Fear of the Economy, so we started the service playing Pink Floyd’s “Money.”  (We did not actually play it live, we played the recording – sorry to get you too excited!)  We have done a secular song each week as our pre-service announcements are running.

We have a choir here at Glenville, so we opened up with Holy, Holy, Holy out of the Community Bible Church collection.  The choir did an awesome job!

Our congregational sets included:

1st Service

  • Your Grace Is EnoughMaher (Tomlin arrangement)
  • EnoughTomlin/Giglio
  • Here I Am To WorshipHughes

2nd Service

  • Today Is The DayBrewster/Baloche
  • SweeterHoughten/Cruse-Ratcliff
  • Your Grace Is EnoughMaher (Tomlin arrangement)
  • EnoughTomlin/Giglio
  • Here I Am To WorshipHughes

We typically do 3-4 of the songs we are doing for the second service in the first service.  The volume is the difference between services for us.

This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon [dot] com.

tired.jpgWell, another Monday! Have you ever seen that commercial for where it is a Monday morning and everyone realizes the sun is about to come up, and they rush around finding things to hold up to try and block the sun from the inevitable? That is kind of how I feel today… rainy and dreary here, so that does not help. It is another day to wake up and see what God has in store for us though. I an anxious to see what contacts I am able to make this week as far as finding a new position goes. Our people here have been so kind to encourage us in our journey. Many seem to be just as excited as we are to see where God leads us.

How were your services yesterday? Ours went well musically speaking. Last night is choir we actually started on Hillsong’s “From The Inside Out.” That is probably one of my favorite songs they do. The choir seemed to enjoy it, and the band was rockin… sounded real good, especially since we had a new electric guitar playing with us. He nailed the intro though and that just set the tone for the whole thing. Another weeks practice and we should be good on that one.

Well, I hope everyone has a good week. My plans for this blog are to focus more on worship than on my personal life. I will get to that, but until I get the whole blogging thing down.

I will leave you with one thing, get the book “Unchristian.” It will rock your world. I will post more on that later…