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I am sitting and watching the election results.  It is interesting to listen to all the spin and commentary from each side of the “isle.”  Two things have struck me so far as I sit here and listen.  One thing was from Rudy Giuliani.  He was talking about what Republicans and Democrats will do tomorrow if their candidate loses.  This is not a direct quote, but essentially he said, “Tomorrow we wake up Americans, not Republicans or Democrats.  We wake up Americans and have a job to do to continue to make our country the best in the world.”  I like that attitude.  Politics can be dirty, and I am convinced that no one man is going to be the reason for the rise or fall of our country, no matter what they may have said.  In the end though, we are Americans and have an obligation to get along, fix the things that are wrong, and move forward to do the best we can.  Which leads me to my second thought so far tonight, God is in control.

Proverbs 21:1 says, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases.” That is a comfort to me no matter what party is in control.  We are all but vessels that God moves and directs to fulfill His purpose.  God’s purpose and plan will accomplished, there is no doubt about that.  So what will I do in the morning?  I will be praying not only for President Bush but also either President-elect McCain or Obama.  Whoever gets elected tonight will need our prayers and the wisdom and hand of God on their life as they step in to lead the greatest country in the world in one of the most difficult times we have seen.  I believe God is up to the task, and still in control. How about you?

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That’s right! After 6 lonnnnng months of seeking God’s direction for our family, we have accepted a position at Glenville Church in Wichita, KS. Starting August 24th, I will be the Pastor of Worship Arts there and will work with a creative team to lead our church in fresh, relevant and meaningful worship using a variety of expressions. We are very excited to be getting involved with a very forward looking church that is not afraid to do things that others are not doing so they can reach people that others are not reaching. Needless to say, we have a lot of work to do to even get there (full time with the family). We need to sell our house first, and then the rest will come. Our God is a big God, and know He can do more than we could ever ask or think. He has done that by allowing us this opportunity, and I know He will do that in the details of getting us there. Please keep us in your prayers as we make this transition. The kids are excited, but will certainly miss there friends. I will post as often as I can through this transition.

What HE intends

Jason Petermann  —  April 4, 2008 — 1 Comment


Been reading the book of Job this week. For me, when I get a little discouraged, it has always helped to remember that I am hardly facing anything as bad as someone else is. Job is one of those guys who goes through a ton of awful events that God has allowed. God allows this even though Job is the most righteous man that is walking the planet at the time. Job did nothing to deserve this. He would not have wished his circumstances on his worst enemy. But though he did not deserve it, God allowed it, and Job makes some incredible statements throughout the ordeal. One that really got me today, and really helped me with my life at the moment, is what he says is Job 23:8-14:

Job 23:8-14 (Contemporary English Version)

8 I cannot find God anywhere–

in front or back of me,

9 to my left or my right.

God is always at work,

though I never see him.

10 But he knows what I am doing,

and when he tests me,

I will be pure as gold.

11 I have never refused to follow

any of his commands,

12 and I have always treasured

his teachings. 13 But he alone is God,

and who can oppose him?

God does as he pleases,

14 and he will do exactly

what he intends with me.

That last part really got me today. I could sit and be nervous and feel useless and unwanted as I wait for God’s leading in our ministry, but guess what? No matter how I feel, God will do exactly wht HE intends with me. That is heavy stuff! He is God alone, He will do as He pleases and it does not matter who would try to oppose Him! WOW! Thanks for that one today God. It has been a long week, and that is just what I needed!