I am a husband to Jennifer, father to five of the greatest kids in the world, and a grandfather of the three most awesome grandkids ever! I am a pastor, musician, blogger, social media junky and I love to work out.

My wife and I have spent over 25 years in ministry leading people to take their next steps towards Jesus and towards the calling that God has for their life. I love seeing people connect relationally to God, to the community of faith they worship with and to the mission that God has placed them on.

Serving in several different roles such as Administrative, Youth, Worship, and now Lead Pastor, has allowed me to connect with people of all ages and see the unique needs that each has so that I can effectively minister to them.

I am a risk taker, and believe that leading requires taking risks to lead people towards the great things God has planned for them first as individuals, and then as part of a Body of believers. I firmly believe God’s Word has the answers for life, and that the church is the hope of the world. I believe that there is doctrine that never changes, preferences that make us unique and methods that should change in order to reach people where they are at so they will take steps towards God.