I love being in a place where we allow things to be different from the norm.  It is nice to be able to have a little creativity and room in the service to change things up a bit.  In fact, it is expected here, which is great and helps to keep us on our toes.  Today’s service was the most unusual Father’s Day service I have ever been a part of.  Musically, we did not change much of anything. We usually do about 5 songs.  We planned four for the day, and ended up only doing three.  We had a little more video than normal, but the biggest difference for the day was the way we did the talk for the day.  This was the third Sunday of our “Doors” series.  The focus for today was “The Door to the family.”  We had eight different fathers, who were at different stags in their parenting, take about 5 minutes each to discuss what their responsibilities were at that stage of life.  It was a very unique, and very enjoyable service, and really helped to put into perspective the fact that our parenting really never ends.  Cool service! All the men did a great job!  Ok, here is the setlist!

  • Today Is The DayBaloche/Brewster
  • Shout To The LordZschech

Father’s Day Video

Special Music – The G’ville band did Delirious’ “My Glorious” (Smith/Garrard)  Awesome job guys!  The Church loved it!  Even saw some older people bobbing their heads!

Father’s Day Video intro for the message

Message – “Door To The Home

Prayer for the fathers


  • God You ReignBrewster/Fieldes (Did not end up doing this, as we ran out of time)
  • Sing, Sing, SingCarson, Gilder, Nunn, Reeves, Tomlin

Overall, just a great day to be in church!  It was very nice to have a nice, encouraging message geared ot the dads rather than the usual message telling us we suck at being dads!

I can’t wait to read everyone else’s setlists for the week!  This post is also part of Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon [dot] com

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