Here is an update on Josiah as of Tuesday evening, February 8th.

Josiah continues to make some great strides as he walks down his road of recovery.

  • He continues to have therapy 2-3 times a week at the local Y (where the Lakeland Rehab facility is).  He also works out every day at home doing weight lifting and other exercises from Mary Free Bed.

  • He has been working very hard and is also doing very well with his studies here at home.
  • He was sitting on the couch last week and all of a sudden he says, “Hey, I just got my hearing back in my right ear!” We were expecting this to happen, we just never knew when it would!

We still have some very specific things that we are praying for.  Please remember these as you pray for him:

  • Pray for us as we travel to the University of Michigan this Thursday to meet with the specialist there about the nerve damage on the right side of his face.  We are still praying and expecting a complete healing there as well, hopefully without the need for surgery.
  • Also, pray for us next Tuesday and Wednesday as we go back up to Mary Free Bed for some evaluations on his progress.  We should also find out then if he can start being integrated back into the school soon.
  • Pray that as he starts to integrate back into the school system that he handles it well and is able to do the work that is necessary fro him to graduate.
  • We received news that Josiah qualifies for a special program here in Michigan for children with special health care needs. When he is accepted into enrollment, this program will help pay for his ongoing medical needs and other things that his current coverage likely would not cover, including extra rehab services as needed.  This will be huge for him!
  • Josiah has faced this situation in his life with incredible courage and faith for his age. He continues to work hard, but it also will take time for much of the healing. Please pray that he has the patience to cope with what at times can be hopelessly frustrating for him.
  • Pray for us as well that we will be open to speak into the lives of those that God brings to us in this journey.

Thanks again for praying!

Psalm 5:11 “Let all who run to you for protection always sing joyful songs. Provide shelter for those who truly love you and let them rejoice.”

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