Today was a day that I had been looking forward to for quite some time because we were able to observe the Lord’s Supper in service.  It is always a special time as a church to be able to specifically remember the sacrifice that Christ made for us.  Of course, we should remember this every day as we walk with Christ.

We started the service a little more subdued than normal… not dead, just a little quieter.  We started out by singing:

  • The Wonderful CrossTomlin/Reeves/Newton/Mason
  • Jesus MessiahTomlin/Reeves/Carson/Cash

I loved using both of these songs with this service.  The Wonderful Cross brings a little of the old in with the new, which our older and more traditional crowds probably look for when doing a Communion service.  Of course, Jesus Messiah is a newer song, but we have done it with the choir a couple times and with the congregation once, so it was very familiar to our people.  They sang it very well today!

After the opening songs, we had a quick little welcome from our Pastor, and then he took a few minutes to talk about our special Connections Sunday next week (kind of like a friend day).

The choir then sang “Sheer Beauty” from the Christmas musical Everything Glorious that we will be doing this year from our Christmas Concert.  They did a great job!

Right after the choir, we went into:

  • At The CrossZschech/Morgan

I love this song.  We had one of our women lead it with the solo part. This was the first time we had done this song.  Many people already knew it though.

We had the previous Worship Pastor, Nate Harmon (who is now at First Medina) with us today.  It was great to hear his testimony.  He and his wife also sang the song “Glory” for us, and did a great job!  It was good to see Nate!

Our pastor then took a few moments to talk about the Lord’s Supper and what it means.  We have a congregation with a huge diversity of backgrounds, so it was important to us to explain what we were doing and why we do it.  We then had a few moments to pray and contemplate.  The entire congregation came forward to pray and meditate at the altar, on the stage, or wherever they can fit.  Everyone then takes the elements and goes back to their seats.  After everyone was seated, we all took it together.  The pastor prayed, and then we sang our last two songs of the day:

  • Once AgainRedman
  • MajestySmith/Garrard

Both of these songs fit the day perfectly.  By this time the people were so focused and the Spirit of God moved in a big way as we lifted up these last two songs.  It was just an awesome worship experience!  It was also my first time to participate in the Lord’s Supper at my new church.  They are a wonderful people!  I thank God for them!

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