The Global Leadership Summit: Jim Collins

Jason Petermann  —  August 5, 2010 — 2 Comments
  • Five Stages Of Decline
    • Hubris born of success
    • Undisciplined pursuit of more
    • Denial of risk and peril
    • Grasping for salvation
    • Capitulation to irrelevance or death
  • Bad decisions taken with good intentions are still bad decisions
  • Great leaders have two things in common, they know it is not about them, and they never give up.
  • Undisciplined pursuit of more will bring down the mighty
  • Regulate growth and reach by asking “Do we have all the right people in all the right seats.”  If the answer is no, then you should not move forward.
  • Greatness is never a single event
  • Businesses that have lasted are driven by purpose greater than money or success
  • The greatest businesses think about core values above all else
  • If we lose our values, we lose our souls.  If we lose our soul, we lose it all.
  • The best leaders ask more questions and give less answers
  • You may have a to-do list.  Create a stop-doing list.
  • You can double your reach to young people by changing your practices, not your core values

Jason Petermann