I attended the Catalyst One Day event in Chicago last week and had some great take aways that I am chewing on right now.  Today’s quote comes from Craig Groeschel as he talked about momentum, and busting barriers in people’s mindsets:

“To reach people that no one is reaching we must be willing to do things that no one else is doing. To do what no one else is doing, we cannot do what everyone else is doing.”

I was raised in a church culture that said the more ministries we had going the more successful we were.  Sometimes it even seemed like a goal was to add more and more things just to say that we were doing “such and such” a ministry.  All the while, we never evaluated (at least not honestly) the ministries we already had to see if we should continue doing them because they were being effective. I am convinced that many churches try to do so many things that they do not do anything as good as it can be done.

Basically, Craig was saying we can reach more by doing less… what do you think?

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