Book Review: “Killing Cockroaches” by Tony Morgan

Jason Petermann  —  March 19, 2009 — Leave a comment

I was fortunate enough to get in on a deal that Tony Morgan and his publisher offered: an advance PDF copy of his latest book, “Killing Cockroaches.”  All Iroaches had to do was to write a review for the book and post it on my blog.  Pretty good deal if you ask me!  Now, I love reading, and specifically I love reading books about leadership.  It is a subject that I am learning about and hoping that my learning is translating into better leadership skills on my part.

This book is a perfect book for all “ADD” leaders, as Tony’s format for the book is bite-sized pieces of information, principles and stories that can be quickly read.  Though they may be read quickly, the nuggets of truth in the book get you thinking and Tony’s heart for people is obvious as read through the book.  His mission in life is to help people take their next step towards Jesus, which is a great focus for any of us that claim to be Christ followers. Tony uses a lot of life experiences to give practical advice on how to better lead people and reach people.

Tony’s love and passion for the Church is also seen as he writes frequently about how churches need to wake up and evaluate what they are doing to see if it is being effective in reaching people.  This resonated with me in a huge way as I also have that passion and desire to see the Church be what God intended for it to be: an agent of change for people in this world!

Tony’s book would be a great book to take your church staff through (or any business staff) to help your church evaluate where you are at.  The book will help open up discussion about things that you may have been afraid to talk about as a staff, or maybe you just have not seen.

If for no other reason, buy the book to see the cockroaches running around the pages.  I think that may have been another ploy to get the ADD reader to buy the book!

Jason Petermann